Letter to my students

Letter to my students

Do not open! PRECIOUS Memories💌💌💌 

I am back… I wake up like usually drinking my favorite coffee from the mug. I am looking all over in the room. Everything is the same, still something it’s different, I think it’s me…I cannot resist temptation to just thinking. I am taking a sip of coffee and I think:💌💌💌

One day beautiful Ceylan will become a famous astronaut; 👩‍🚀she will be the first Muslim woman to step on the Mars or Fatima, Fatima will be a great lawyer one day. 👩‍👩‍⚖️

I remember the shy Ekrem, it was his first day in the English course. I didn’t even guess back then his passion for playing drums. I bet he will be an excellent drummer someday. I still have the fierce ring carved in a dragon wing shape from him. 🥁🥁

And Aylin, she will be traveling around the world as a pilot; not many women choose this profession👩 but I believe in her.The gracious Melike, which means” angel” in Turkish language, will find out that her destiny is to be an Engineer teacher👩‍🏫🕵️‍or who knows. She is determined and strong. Or Nilay, I see her as a very powerful woman entrepreneur.👩‍👩‍💼

I remember so lively, Kyubra, my curly special student; she will be for sure a very influent woman by founding a human rights NGO👩🏫. I feel it and I simply know….or you, Tugba,🕵️‍♀️ you will be a great archaeologist; when we will meet again, you will tell me of how you discovered a secret underground city, bigger than anything discovered before.

And you Mehmet, don’t think I forgot about your ambition to become a doctor👨‍🔬; with your smart sarcasm you will be even more than that.

Rose,🌹 your dreams that you have to live in France, you are « mon petit cœur », you know that. And you Abyce, 😍👩‍🎓you will find out what studies are the most exciting for you.

And you, lovely Kadife, you will be a reputed Digital Marketer because I saw your passion. 👩‍💻

For sure, Mutlu🕊️ will make a change one day in his country as a diplomat or Muhammet as a professional sleeper. Every lesson he was there almost 😴😂sleeping, but always with his sense of humor attached.”

I feel it in my bones, you know? The kind of warmth that I feel now because of you. All these words that I’m putting on the paper are falling like a river.

Do you know why students? 👣👣👣💙💌💌💌💌❣️❣️❣️I was maybe just a passenger but a small part of me will go with you. I will be there when you finish the university, I will celebrate with you that day you get the driver license you wanted so bad, I will celebrate the ups and downs with you, I will be somewhere in your heart when you will marry the boy or the girl of your dreams. I will be there when your first son or daughter will be born. I will be there, next to you like a reminder of all your shining dreams and wishes. Don’t know if you realize it but you entrusted to me your dreams by sharing them out loud. You have no idea. In fact, you were my teachers. You were teaching me about the most pure love that exists, about possibilities. You are right- as long as we live, we have endless possibilities. You taught me about keeping our heart open, you- all of you, with your contagious desire to be a continuous learner of life. Curiosity and happiness to discover are two things that remain forever with us.

Thank you once again. This wave that you have directed towards me filled with your ever growing love will guide my life from now on.

See you soon,




A firm believer. 100% WRITING WITH SOUL. I exist to write, I write to exist!

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  1. Thank you..I miss you so much 💙

    1. Hello there,

      I appreciate your comment 😀

  2. You are so kind Marina, thanks much for your good wishes.. Keep smiling and making the world better place 😊😉 Hopefully see you again 👐

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