Sziget Festival: realities vs expectations

Sziget Festival

realities vs expectations

Sziget festival- 😍😉😎😌who didn’t hear of it? Especially if you are young, free, restless & a festival goer there is a high chance that you know some things about it. Firstly, some keypoints are:

  • every august, the festival takes place
  • it’s held on an island of Hungary that’s why it’s also called also the Island of Freedom- Obuda island
  • it unites great artist names such as Lana del Ray, Kendrick Lamar, Kygo and many more
  • people, of all ages from all over the world are joining
  • There are plenty of activities during the day such yoga, zumba, even a circus called “Cirque du Sziget” and many more

Sziget Festival

Now in this article, I’ve chosen to speak more about the 2018 edition of the festival that I have attended this summer. I felt that I owe something to all the other szitizens whether if you plan to buy your ticket for the 2019, whether you are looking online for some information randomly. Both cases are cool. Below, I share with you my experience. I know that some of have high expectations just like me so I decided to share with you some realities of the greatest festival based on some well founded expectations. I express my point of view here, so it’s not a must for your experience to unfold like mine. Take it as it is!

  1. Reality vs expectations: party on an island style

This part with the island can be a little bit tricky. If when the word “island” comes out, you jump to presume that it will be a beach party on a sandy island you are completely wrong. The island of Europe are a little bit different. Do not confuse it! Let me tell you my story. Do you know that friend that is very enthusiastic and says that if you miss this, it’s the worst mistake of your life? Well, I took the advice and I bought a ticket to the most amazing-awesome-cool festival that exists. My friend was portraying the festival as being the best in the woooooooo-rld. So, I couldn’t resist. More than that a festival on an island seems too good to be true because it is. 😎😌🤔🤔😋In reality, the island is just across the river and the place looks like a dusty field with a lot of trees but no, no beach parties are served. If island equals sea and hawaiian limbo you are going to bite your fingers. Sooooo….keep that in mind and cool down a little bit your expectations to not interfere with your fun.

sziget festival1

  1. Reality vs expectations: Amazing artist performances

Here, we must say- “Cheers!”, why so? I arrived just in time to catch Lana del Ray which is an artist that I really admire; her act was simply awesome; the following days I enjoyed also J.P. Cooper, Dua Lipa, Mumford & Sons- the British band made an incendiary show. Everything was simply amazing. Lighting effects on the stage, the crowd acclaiming and everywhere you could feel the happiness, pure happiness of concentration 100%. Ecstatic!!! Expectations were more than accomplished, even better than what was expected. It’s definitely worth it to see your favs live.

sziget live

  1. Reality vs expectations: camping conditions


The ticket was for 3 days at the festival which I am telling you, it can be very tiring especially after a long flight ✈️ or after driving more than 7 hours by car. When such circumstances arrive, there is another thing- accommodation. As an alternative I took the tent but without using it. If you wonder,  why? Well, the conditions are simply horrible for the basic camping field. Let me capture for you the scene. 😍😉😌Imagine that you are so tired that your cannot move or think anymore. You have your tent and you want one thing- to find a place to sleep. Thousand of tents share the dusty field with other thousands of tents. Literally, there is no place for you. If it happens that you didn’t ’t book a hotel night and you counted on it, then problem, big problem arise. I will not tell you what happened the next because I will let you guess. Aaaah, and I didn’t mention about the noise, all day, all night like in a song that never stops. My advice: don’t go with a tent!

As a conclusion: if the most important for you is to have fun/ to see your favorite artist then this is a way to go. This festival it’s the place. In my case if I would come back I think I would take only one day pass because three can be very exhausting after a long trip. Other than that, people of all ages were enjoying it. I’ve seen even kids with their parents. The food was delicious. I would say just a little bit expensive. The greatest for me- I‘ve seen Lana del Ray ❤️ which for a devoted fan is more than worth it. I’ve enjoyed the live concerts, the young spirit and fun. So, if it’s your greatest wish don’t let anything stop you, guys! For sure, sleep is for the weak and some minuses should not keep us away from the most wanted experience. Carpe diem!

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