Landing on the Moon-my EVS experience

Landing on the Moon - My EVS experience

It is said that, who we are now it is thanks to all the people we met in our way, the places we’ve seen during our journey. What happens on our path makes us who we are.😊😍

My EVS experience started with a turning point in my life. Similar to the moon landing, when maybe the first astronaut ask himself almost 50 years ago, “Is this everything or should I shoot for the stars?”🚀🚀🚀 Just like a small astronaut of exploring my true potential, I asked myself the same question. Do you know why? Because in everyone of us is one true potential, the biggest discover in the world. What we carry with us it’s our hidden gemstone. Do you know what happens with the questions? Right! They require some answers. For every question you put, multiple answers are relevant and available. In my case the answers came with a total change in culture, food, mentalities and lifestyle or activities.

I landed in Turkey🇹🇷️🚀 for my first EVS experience. What is EVS? It means European Voluntary Service and it’s an initiative, created for young people between 18 and 30 years old , to actively participate in the community, outside their country. My project mission is teaching English to Turkish people and being an ambassador of Romanian culture. I got on board on this spaceship called Turkey experience with the urge to understand who I am. Day by day, I wake up and I am thankful because every new day is part of a plan. My Turkish life resumed it’s like this … I have made tons of friends😍😘😘, people that have the same desire to create a better world by acting better, I found a love that I didn’t know I am capable for. I love my students 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓with all my heart and using my creativity to inspire them with every new lesson is the most fulfilling thing I’ve done in my life. I cry of happiness when nobody sees me because they make me feel like I have a voice,  like I plant a seed of kindness and curiosity towards life in them, that will grow stronger and stronger. The other people I met in the project like coordinators and mentors were like my guardian angels. I will never forget Davut, Sena or Mutlu and many more because they made this adventure possible.

On the other hand, traveling in Turkey is like watching a photo album🌟⭐.The beauty is everywhere waiting for you. From the rocky mountains🏔️🏔️🏔️ to the infinite sea side 🌏🏝️🏝️and unique places in the world, all these awaits for you. Regarding the food🍰🍰🥣🥘🥘, I think I’ve put some kilos more since I’ve come here. Of course, these are kilos of pleasure, of the most tasty dishes and the most raining in your mouth deserts. The decision to come for two months in this project and to let behind Romania is exactly like landing on the moon for me. Simply the best!🌕🌕🇹🇷️🚀

Remember: sometimes you just need a small step. As the first man stepping on the moon, I say “that’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”, for a more aware and kind mankind. Be a Volunteer! 🚀🌏 Go in an EVS, be your own Neil Armstrong. Experience! Start now! Start with who you are. You never know what you may find!

See you soon,




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  1. That’s a great blog Marina and you’re great teacher for us. I’m so happy to meet you. I hope you can go a lot of different countries and you can meet a lot of people and different cultures. Don’t forget us 🙂 I love you much xx

    1. Dear Nilay,

      Thank you for your lovely wishes! I was so happy seeing your comment. You cannot imagine.
      Love you endlessly ❤,

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